On June 4, scholar Urmila Mohan's will share her experiences while on her ACC Individual Fellowship in which she researched traditional Balinese textiles and conducted comparative study in Indonesia.

In 2018, ACC awarded Dr. Mohan an Individual Fellowship to research traditional textiles in Bali, Java, and Flores, and conduct comparative study of textile-production centers in Indonesia. This research builds on her many years of work as a scholar of material culture and religion. She received her B.F.A in design from National Institute of Design, India (1998), M.F.A. in studio art from Pennsylvania State University (2009) and her Ph.D. in anthropology from University College, London (2015). In 2016, Dr. Mohan began her two-year appointment as Bard Graduate Center/American Museum of Natural History Postdoctoral Fellow in Museum Anthropology. The resulting exhibition, Fabricating Power with Balinese Textiles, opened at the Bard Graduate Center in February 2018. Her fellowship research focused on producers of ritual textiles as both artisans and practitioners who embody spiritual power through their material products.

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