Renowned artists Edna Vida (ACC 2012) and Nonoy Froilan collaborate in Of Art and Wine featuring “DUETS,” an exhibition of painting and photography that further evoke both artists’ impressive creative interaction and connection.

Partners in real life, Edna and Nonoy have performed together as principal dancers of Ballet Philippines, as co-choreographers and re-stagers in many productions, as actors in stage plays at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (ACC Multi grant), as collaborators in performance art projects, and now, in tandem showcase of their prowess in visual arts.

The exhibition curated by Nestor Jardin (JDR 3rd Award) explores patterns of Edna Vida and the sky photography of Nonoy Froilan. Their artworks reveal connections between emotions and perceptions, movement and stillness, energy and tranquility, human and ethereal forms in harmony with each other.

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To attend virtual opening on October 26, 2021 at 2:00pm(Manila) -Zoom mtg: 838 9804 6442 Pword: OAAWDUETS