Co-edited by Aziz Sohail (ACC 2019, 2020), FICTIONS is looking for writers building queer utopias through storytelling.

We take as our inspiration Fatimah Asghar’s invocation of the Hindi-Urdu word kal, which signifies both yesterday and tomorrow, and ask contributors to think of the body as a site of memory and of speculation. We look towards our forgotten and imagined queer pasts to carve out possible futures. We look towards our forgotten and imagined queer futures to carve out possible pasts.

Fictions aims to dismantle and challenge normative ways of storytelling. Therefore, we welcome experimental fiction, creative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and forms that confuse genres and boundaries. Whether testimony, memory, myth, dream or fantasy, we encourage work where the real and imagined, future and past overlap and intersect.

Unruly meditations, remembrances, and visions that attend to personal and collective histories, the histories of our names and bodies and lives, the stories that shape us, are welcome. We envision Fictions as a site for South Asian voices to reimagine queerness, and ideas of South Asia, and as a space of connection and belonging.

If it is love, hurt, desire or pleasure; wherever the work stems from, we ask that you share it—we see Fictions as an opportunity to write ourselves into existence, to make each other possible.

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