This exhibition, curated by Helly Minarty, interweaves various archives to show the complexity of historical trajectories of Orientalism in dance as both a historical construct and artistic resonance found in contemporary practice through its many guises. One can start from the les petites danseuses javanaises performing at the Dutch East Indies pavilion at the Paris Colonial Exhibition (Exposition Universelle) to American Ruth St Denis choreographing Radha in 1906. The on to the Oriental Tour of Denishawn - Ruth St Denis and Ted Shawn, the mother and father of American modern dance -  in mid 1920s that preceeded with the making of the iconic Kecak dance by Walter Spies and I Wayan Limbak. It then detour back to Paris with the Balinese troupe from Peliatan village of Ubud in 1931 that catapulted Antonin Artaud's "Theater of Cruelty" whilst on the island, Kecak was well on the way to its amplified spectacularization as Bali most iconic dance.

Helly Minarty received an ACC Fellowship in 2011 to research American modern dance history in the United States.