Our world is a roil of energy. This is reflected as well as embodied in the restless atmosphere, the seashores unending rhythms, a loosed virus. The artists collected here in Spliced Connector represent an intergenerational view of this rile. Each generation finds its voice within the cultural zeitgeist of a particular time. The artworks presented here map these different times in the way they embody what each artist is tuned in to, what possesses their thoughts and inspires their work. While a map can be used to find one's way, it is also a tool for documenting something that is known. The spider-web of cross-country highways present on a map, or that of a continents rivers, gives us the ability to see something from a wider perspective. 'Mapping' presents us with touchstones across a period of cultural change and development. We notice interconnections, groupings. The patterning present in Quisgard's work rhymes with the irregular patterning present in Barlow's work, and that of Bourguet, Kerin, Ji, and Rea. How one's field of vision is engulfed with color, how texture touches our eyes: Spindler's, Dahlman's, and Golden's work reach us in this way. Then we realize the content of each, and social/political issues are suddenly present. Light modulation in the work of Sgarlata, Fitzgerald, Goldsmith, and Franceschi lead us to form that rhymes. Wheeler's sculpture, Gonzalez's photograph, Frog's lamp, and Anello's prints interconnect along this route. We travel through the geography of surface texture, materials, and architectural focus, noticing how a skyscraper sits, how it implies a whole skyline, which a lamp mimics, too. And while these visual properties can be mapped, another mapping process is less visible. 'Mapping' forces on us a need to make sense among the disparities of style and aesthetic. It asks for a slow paced looking, a fear-less associating, and an embracing of the rich visual language present here at Spliced Connector. The restless shifting of light and energy present in this work embodies that which carries us to the delineation, and unification between matter and spirit. Spliced Connector group was founded on the intergenerational idea of connecting young and older artists. These connections lurk amidst the mapping of the riches in our visual language. =============== SHIM Art Network is an art exhibition company that fills the gaps in the art world, providing exhibition opportunities to artists, curators, galleries, universities, and other organizations and affiliations with exhibition space for their projects on- and off-line. =============== *Note: ACC grantee "Elaine Wang" is a.k.a. "Frog the Parhelia"