Keywords: Futurology, Fashion, Nature, Narrative, Gesture My Browsing History The artist as collector collects and places thoughts and objects. The artist as researcher investigates the speculative and unknown. The artist as curator then contextualises an internet of things. Concurrently, the project My Browsing History also wonders the notion and practice of the artist as web-surfer. Enoch Cheng is an independent artist and curator. He received his MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, London and a BA in English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong. Concerned with the everyday subtleties in modern lives, his multidisciplinary practice—involving installation, dance, performance, curation, fashion, and the moving image—explores recurrent themes of place, travel, fiction, migration, human and natural history. Currently, in New York as an Asian Cultural Council’s Altius Fellow, Enoch is an artist-in-residence at the American Museum of Natural History researching natural sciences and history.