Neo Lanna Matinee showcase a new approach of Lanna arts and culture which has taken root in recent decades. Artists are seeking to create a new identity which is based on original Lanna culture, while not forgetting international and Thai contexts. 

ACC Alumni Ronnarong Khampa (ACC 2012, 2015, 2019) combines their own experience with Lanna to have the audience feel the pure, peaceful, and free-spirited aura of Lanna. 

This event is a free non-profit project to explore the potential of local Chiang Mai artists working together despite age differences. These dances are aimed at Thai, Asian, and international audiences to disseminate contemporary Lanna culture. The performance is presented in Thailand and MOVE 2022 International World Dance Day UNESCO Online Festival, Malaysia. This project is supported by the Contemporary Art Promotion Fund, Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, of the Ministry of Culture. 

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