September 8 - September 30 from 12:00-19:00 (every Tuesday to Saturday)

O~Fortuna! How beautiful and cruel are you?! I saw that desperate boy grow into a passionate jester, with roses planted in his heart, and a turret hidden in his mouth, vowing to entangle you till the end of the universe.

Fate always tricks people, makes people experience hardships. People be parted in life and separated by death. In this post-covid era, with a deep emotional and physical impact, the classic "memento mori" theme presented in "O~ Fortuna!", became Lawman’s (ACC 2012, 2015) inspiration. With his "kitsch pastiche" artistic approach which includes compassion and humor for the world, he implemented a painting game of joy and anger by citing classics, and also led the audience to relive Lawman’s own journey of jester aesthetics from Goya to Zunzi.