ACC Grantee Anton del Castillo joins “The Manila’Bang Show: Artfest International” with his show pieces entitled “Reminiscence.” Over 170 artists and 400 artworks gathered for the show organized by Galerie Roberto in partnership with Artsper Europe and Art Moments Jakarta.

The special weeklong festival that features some of the leading contemporary artists in the Philippines and around the globe such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, and India, also presents curated art talks and industry dialogues.

Describing Anton’s works, excerpts from the notes by Chesca Santiago reads “With expecting gazes and restless hands, it is this terrain of the unyielding past that Anton Del Castillo traverses in Reminiscence. In his navigation of the contours of reminiscence, Del Castillo confronts its many forms: at times, to look back is not a desire to go back. It is mere remembrance of what has gone sans the yearning for the past to bleed into the now. But more crucial in Del Castillo’s probe into reminiscence is its intersections with yearning - longing and the ensuing coping amid hunger that refuses to be indulged.

Here, salient is his exploration of the different configurations of the void. It is the empty space at which we stare when we can only wait, the vacancy where one’s beloved should have been, the hollowness that is carved by departures and loss. To reminisce is to nurse this void - to feed and to mother an emptiness that resists fill. Although the figures in Del Castillo’s works spend time to anticipate arrivals, gazes to reassure hearts, and money to satiate desires, none can fill a gap when what it seeks has long been gone.”

The show may be viewed on-site from 8-12 December 2021 at the UGF Expansion wing Civic Drive Hallway, Festival Mall Alabang, Muntinlupa City.