In F n’ F Moe Satt explores formal relationships between the face and fingers, achieving 108 combinations: hands that cover the face like a mask; gestures that represent blossoms (a memory from his childhood); a gun sign that plays with differences in meaning when the fingers are pointed to his head and outwards. In Asian cosmology, the sacred number 108 signifies, among many things: 108 sensorial feelings, 108 earthly temptations, 108 questions posed to Buddha, 108 Ayurvedic pressure points, 108 t’ai chi martial moves, and 108 bell chimes to usher the new year.

Sundays on Broadway events are free and open to the public. All Sundays on Broadway events begin at 6:00 pm. Doors open at 5:45 pm at WeisAcres. Keep in mind, this is a small space. Please arrive on time out of courtesy to the artists.

Moe Satt, a performance artist from Myanmar, is currently in NY on his six-month ACC Fellowship.