In recent years, choreographer CHOU Shu-yi has been exploring urban spaces with his body. As the artist-in-residence at the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company in Tainan for the last two years, CHOU explores the potential of developing a site-specific performance in the unique historical and cultural space in Tainan. He interacts with local residents in their everyday lives and invites them to collaboratively articulate the rich and layered daily life of Tainan.

“Having spent the last year exploring Tainan, I decided to begin from my everyday experiences of Tainan Park. Giving myself up to 100 days, I listened, observed, walked in the park and talked to people in preparation of a site-specific performance. Through my encounters with local residents, the past of the city is connected with its present and future. By crossing the boundaries between performance and living space, we search for the body image of the Tainan Park.” – CHOU Shu-yi