On the occasion of the ACC alumnus Song Dong's solo exhibition at Pace’s gallery in London this fall, Pace Live will present a week-long screening of video works and films that document his ongoing performance practice from the 1990s to the present. Among the works featured in the presentation are Broken Mirror (2005)—a film comprised of opposing images that together expose the struggle of Beijing culture to maintain its traditions despite the inevitable forces of urbanization—and Touching My Father (1998), a video in which Song projects an image of his own hand onto his father’s body, alluding to traditional relationships between fathers and sons and offering a metaphorical bridge across the generation gaps that have marked China’s recent development. Beijing-based artist Song Dong's performances and videos explore the duality of the poetic and the political, the personal and the global, to question the nature of reality in the face of China’s rapid modernization.

Pace Live is a new  multidisciplinary initiative encompassing music, dance, film, performance, and conversation, programmed specifically for Pace’s new global headquarters in NYC. Pace Live occupies a 150-seat multi-use space on the gallery’s 7th floor and will give artists, scholars, and other critical forces in the field the opportunity and flexibility to experiment across a range of disciplines and connect with the public in new ways.