The Ghost Festival is the first multi-disciplinary solo project by Koma. Using a mobile trailer, he creates a gallery of works meant to be both an interactive visual art installment and performance space. Koma envisions a meditative and communal space to honor the connection between past and present, and provide a home for lost spirits. Truly a solo project, all aspects of the work including creation, preparation, and performance are entirely executed by the artist himself. Koma has brought The Ghost Festival to The Yard and American Dance Festival in 2016, and an iteration of this project was commissioned by Danspace Project for performance in May of 2017.

Koma’s appearances at the Pillow as Eiko & Koma date back to the early 1990s. Their work has been presented at prestigious venues including The Joyce Theatre, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and a month-long living exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.