As an important access road between eastern and southern Taiwan, the South Link Highway of Provincial Highway No. 9 possesses rich natural topography and cultural landscape, and is also a crucial area where the Austronesian culture has been preserved. This project hopes to connect people and nature while exploring the cultural legacy and development in this region. Nature becomes the stage of the project, and art serves as an instrument to enable  the encounter and sharing between people in this southern region. Through the energy of art as well as local culture and resources, the project aims to enrich the landscape of the south by re-defining the relationship between people and nature and initiating dialogues between people and the environment—dialogues that transcend nationality, culture and age—through collaborations between artists and local residents, and eventually creating artworks and projects that address the our co-existence with Great Nature. This is a project that evokes our remembrance of home to co-construct and play a part for the place, where we collectively dwell. 

Vector of The South

The work extends from beach towards the land, and from lines to planes, forming waves that materialize the direction of the southern wind. The wind from the vast sea arriving at the narrow strip of plain in Taitung weaves out a fascinating humanistic dimension. The arrival of the wind brings the sand, plants, reef rocks of different shapes, mist, drifting objects, and waves. Facing the ocean, even the hair and clothes are eternally drawn by the hidden south and its invisible magnetic field.