Concrete Temple Theatre presents "The Legend of The Waitress & The Robber," in collaboration with Playfactory Mabangzen, Yellowbomb, and the Korean Cultural Center NY.

Performance Venues / Times

Performance Spaces for the 21st Century/PS21
May 21 (Sat) 6PM / May 22 (Sun) 3PM
2980 NY-66, Chatham, NY

Dixon Place
May 25 (Wed) to May 28 (Sat) 7:30PM / May 29 (Sun) 5PM
161A Chrystie Street, Manhattan, between Rivington & Delancey Streets

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This new play by Renee Philippi (ACC 2017), inspired in part by her ACC Fellowship in Korea, was developed in residency at Performance Space for the 21st Century/PS21.

“Imagine if you will, there’s a world much like ours. Maybe in the future. Or maybe even now. A world where every human lives separate and alone. The only interaction allowed – is on a phone.” This dystopian society is the home of The Legend of The Waitress & The Robber, a bilingual visual theatre work that dives into technological isolation and aging with humor and physicality. Struck by the loneliness that plagues her older customers, an impassioned waitress turns to kidnapping, just as a headstrong young man transforms himself into a robber. In this Korean/American comic book mash-up, scenic elements ambulate and transform, and characters sing and dance as they fight for what they believe.

Performers: Carlo Adinolfi, Rolls Andre*, Ju Yeon Choi, Hye Young Chyun, Nam Pyo Kim, Lisa Kitchens*, Won Kyongsik, Eunji Lim, James A. Pierce III*, and Noh Yura — *Appearing Courtesy of AEA

Directed by: Eric Nightengale and Renee Philippi
Music & Lyrics: Lewis Flinn
Associate Director: Jung-wan Seo
Set Designer: Carlo Adinolfi
Musical Directors: Jacob Kerzner and Hee Eun Kim
Costumer Designer: Laura Anderson Barbata
Production Stage Manager: Quentin Madia
Concrete Temple Producer: Casey McLain 
Artistic Director: Sun-woong Koh MBZ
Producer: Kang-min Ko
Yellowbomb Producers: Chan Lee & Jean Uh
Costume Associate: Matthieu Goedefroot
Subtitles: Jeongyun Lee