If you arrive in a foreign city, you can see what a city looks like when you walk into the art village. An art village is not a palace of high art. It is a field rooted in real life. To be more specific, when you live in the art village, your eyes will often focus back and forth between the "local view" and the "international view". This kind of focus is to sprout and thrive from the daily bits and pieces, and create the height and thickness of the city with art and culture. At the same time, the collective experience here evokes a sense of commonality that communicates freely and openly.

Specifically, through the two major projects of artist exchange and Taipei art residency, Taipei International Art Village and Baozangyan International Art Village have established a network across nationalities through joint participation. It includes a strong network structure such as residency in villages, exhibitions, speeches, performances, publishing, setting up websites, and setting up Facebook.

More precisely, whether it is the Taipei International Art Village located in the center of the city, or the Treasure Rock International Art Village hidden in a historical settlement, we hope to target individuals who are interested in Taiwanese art and culture, such as artists, writers, critics, etc. Or international organizations such as non-profit organizations and national institutions provide them with an "open space" that transcends the limitations and frameworks of regional cultural and political situations in one fell swoop, and creates a borderless space for free and open exchanges at a higher level.