March 22 - May 16, 2024

Alisan Fine Arts is excited to present a solo exhibition by Wucius WONG (ACC 1971), a celebrated figure in contemporary Chinese ink painting. Renowned for his analytical prowess, Wong adeptly transforms serene natural landscapes into striking geometric compositions. His artistic process involves a detailed deconstruction of conventional landscape motifs, unveiling the intricate geometric frameworks that lie hidden beneath their surface. This unique approach is deeply influenced by his emotive use of dots and lines, a technique that he learnt from his mentor, Lui Shou-Kwan. Enhanced by his early encounters with Western art and his achievements in the design realm, Wong's profound command of artistic techniques has enabled him to push the boundaries of traditional ink art. Through his work, he not only challenges artistic norms but also offers a glimpse into his inner psychological landscape and personal journey. This exhibition will showcase sixteen paintings and examines Wong’s four different series of his work from 1985 – 2023 as highlighted below.

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