December 5 19:00PM & December 6 19:00PM

“From one to two, I glimpse ‘I’ through us.” Emerging Taiwanese choreographer Wang created this intimate duo performance, inspired by the Chinese character for “人” (person). The dance piece touches on the relationships between the two supporting calligraphy strokes, the two intimately connected performers, and between the rice paper and the ink. Experimental yet brimming with hidden passion, “Beings” was presented in an online format at YDC2021-DEC Competition I during the COVID-19 pandemic. It received the Encouragement Prize, the Studio Architanz Artist Support Prize, and the Kinosaki International Arts Center Prize. Afterward, it garnered high praise with performances in Europe. And now, as it returns to YDC as a live theater performance, you do not want to miss it.

Choreographer:王宇光 WANG Yeu-Kwn
Performer:李尹櫻 LEE Yin-Ying (ACC 2022)、王宇光 WANG Yeu-Kwn