American Committee for South Asian Art


to support the participation of students in ACSAA's 1996 biennial meeting scheduled to be held in Minneapolis in May 1996.

Enable Vasant Jadhav, research associate in archaeology, Deccan College, Pune, India, to organize photographic materials on South and Southeast Asian art and archaeology for incorporation into the ACSAA Color Slide Project at the University of Michigan in fall 1983.

Provide support for the first ACSAA Symposium on South Asian Art, held at the University of Minnesota in May 1981.

To provide support for the establishment of a distribution program of color slides of the art of India and other South Asian countries for universities, museums, other educational institutions, and specialists.

To the University of Minnesota to provide support for the meeting of the American Committee for South Asian Art, May 1972.

To the University of Chicago to provide support for meeting of the American Committee for South Asian Art concerning the establishment of the American Academy of Benares, August 1965