Smithsonian Institution


Support the participation of four artists from Cambodia and Laos in the Summer 2007 Festival of American Folklife.

to enable conservation scientist Janet Douglas to undertake research on jades of Neolithic Liajiatin Culture in Anhui Province, China in fall 2004 or spring 2005

SMITHSONIAN Folkways recordings

Support for five ceramic artists from China to participate in the Folklife Festival at the Smithsonian in summer 2002.

To support travel and research for Center for Folklife Programs Deputy Director Richard Kennedy and for Tibetan scholar (ethnologist) Jamphel Lhundup in connection with the development

partial support for Mr. Masahiro Nomoto's participation in the development of the exhibition "Kamuy: Spirit of the Ainu" at the Smithsonian

To enable Richard Kennedy, Deputy Curator of the Center for Folklife Programs to undertake a two-month residency at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Provide the support for duplicating an important archive of Southeast Asian domestic architecture in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

To establish at the Smithsonian a duplicate archive of photographs, slides, and related materials on traditional Southeast Asian architecture assembled by Dorothy Pelzer and currently on deposit at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore.

To provide support for he Japanese component of the Smithsonian's 1986 Festival of American Folklife, held in summer 1986.

To conduct an interview with Gordon Washburn, former director of the Asia House Gallery, New York, as part of the Archives' oral history program

To support research on the monuments and culture of the Kathmandu Valley under the direction of Mary S. Slusser, research associate, Smithsonian Institution.