Takashi Murakami, 1994


ACC 日本関連プログラム 2009年助成

*個人助成 – Fellowship Grants to Individuals

日本から – From Japan

水内義人 (絵画/彫刻) 6ヶ月
Yoshihito Mizuuchi (Painting/Sculpture)
For a six-month grant to research contemporary art, meet with artists and curators, and create new work while participating in an international residency program in New York.

足立智美(音楽−マルチメディア)  6ヶ月
Tomomi Adachi (Music – Multimedia)
For a six-month grant to research activities in contemporary art, dance, and music; meet artists from different disciplines; and create new work while participating in an international residency program at Location One in New York.

峯岸佐知(音楽−一弦琴) 6ヶ月
Sachi Minegishi (Music – Ichigenkin)
For a six-month grant to observe and participate in contemporary music activities in the United States.

笠原美智子(キュレーター) 10日間
NY においてエイズ関連の写真コレクションを調査・研究。来秋、東京都写真美術館にて開催予定の『Love’s Body 2: Sexuality in the Age of AIDS』のため。
Michiko Kasahara (Cutator)
For a 10-day grant to survey collections of AIDS-related photography in New York in connection with an exhibition titled “Love’s Body 2: Sexuality in the Age of AIDS,” to be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in fall 2010.

中井久代(修復/保存) 2ヶ月
Hisayo Nakai (Conservation)
For a two-month grant supplement to support completion of work on the restoration of Tiepolo painting in the conservation department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.)

Lyota Yagi (New Media)
For a six-month grant to research contemporary art activities, meet artists and curators and participate in an international artists’ residency program in the United States.

2009年12月、2010年1月に、ニューヨークにおける「ねじまき鳥クロニクル」制作、およびACCグランティElise ThoronとKaren Kandelによる演劇ワークショップへの参加。
Sonoko Soeda (Actor)
to participate in a production of the Wind-up Bird Chronicle in New York and a theater workshop organized by former ACC grantees Elise Thoron and Karen Kandel in December 2009 and January 2010.

日本へ – To Japan

Mary Lucier and Jeanne Mella (映像/キュレーター – Cinema/Photography/Video/ Curator)6週間
For a six-week grant to research contemporary art and landscape architecture practices in Japan.

Robert Woodruff(演劇 – Theater)
to spend one month in Japan this spring, observing theater and performance activities and meeting with contemporary artists in media and music, hoping to identify collaborators for a new music-theater work to be created and performed in both the U.S. and Japan.

Robert Rand(文学 – Literature)
For a grant to support follow-up research for a book on Japanese history and culture as seen through the kimono.

*団体助成 – Grants to Institutions

ARCUS Project – 茨城県守谷市
アーカス参加アーティスト、Shang-Lin Wu 氏(台湾)に対する滞在の支援。
Grant to ARCUS Project to enable a Taiwanese artist Shang-Lin Wu to participate in the rasidency program.

Multi-Arts Projects and Productions – New York, NY
Dance Theater Workshop にて発表される余越保子氏振付の作品 Tyler Tyler のため3週間のワークショップへ参加する3名の日本人アーティストに対する渡航費・滞在費の支援。
Grant Multi-Arts Projects and Productions to enable three artists from Japan to participate in a three-week residency in Vermont and New York in preparation for a new full-evening performance work titled Tyler Tyler at Dance Theater Workshop

Music Sharing – Tokyo, Japan
Grant to support travel and per diem expenses for three musicians participating in International Community Engagement Program (ICEP) and cultural exchange program in Mongolia in December 2009.

Belarmino & Partners – Berlin, Germany
2009年7月マニラで開催されるベルリン・東京・マニラ間のマルチパート・アーティスト交流プログラム、Zensors へ参加の4名の日本人アーティストに対する渡航費・滞在費の支援。
Grant to Belarmino & Partners to enable four artists from Japan to participate in Zensors, an exchange program of workshops and discussions on the use of media performance technology in Manila in July 2009.

横浜国際映像祭2009 – 横浜
2009年10月横浜にて開催される横浜国際映像祭2009に参加するアジア地域のアーティストに対する渡航費・滞在費の支援 。
Grant to enable artists from Asia to participate in the International Festival for Arts and Media 2009 Yokohama in October 2009.