Indonesian Dance Festival


to support travel expenses for international dance artists participating in the 12th edition of the Indonesian Dance Festival, scheduled to occur from June 10-14, 2014

For a grant to enable dancers and choreographers from four countries in Asia to participate in the 10th Indonesian Dance Festival, to be held in Jakarta in June 2010.

Support to bring choreographers from U.S., Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand to IDF in November 2008

support the participation of four choreography workshop, to be held in Jakarta and Surabaya in July 2006

support for choreographers from Asian and the U.S. participating in the IDF 2002 program

support for three choreographers from Asia and the U.S. to participate in the 5th IDF, to be held AT STSI in September, 1999

Support for Asian and American participants in the July 1996 Indonesian Dance Festival/World Dance Alliance meeting.