New York University


to support the participation of three Chinese filmmakers and one Chinese scholar in the conference Reel China: Forum on New Chinese Documentary at New York University in October 2010

To bring Chinese filmmaker Gan Xiao'er to NYU in February 2008

to support a residency by Chinese filmmaker Xiao'er Gan

support conference participation by filmmakers Lexy Junior Rambadeta and Aryo Danusiri from Indonesia in May 2007

to enable Japanese theater director Takeshi Kawamura to serve as a guest director in the New York University department of drama in spring 1998

to provide support for dance specialists from China to participate in a seminar and discussion addressing new developments in Chinese dance, held at NYU in May 1995

to enable playwright Janet Neipris, chair of the dramatic writing program at NYU, and director Shi-Zheng Chen to travel to China in spring 1995 to participate in rehearsals and performances of Ms. Neipris's play, A Small Delegation, at the China Youth Arts Theatre in Beijing

to provide support for curatorial research in Japan for an exhibition entitled "Scrolling: Contemporary Japanese Art" to be held at NYU's Grey Art Gallery in 1989

to provide support to the Institute of of Fine Arts, NYU, for the publication of the journal Artibus Asiae

to provide support for the publication of the journal Artibus Asiae