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To support the travel of Jason Waite and Eva and Franco Mattes to Japan for a 1 week research trip with Kenji Kubota ahd Chim↑Pom in Tokyo and Fukushima where they will meet with displaced residents and observe the changing environment in the midst of reconstruction. The trip is to lay the groundwork for the first English publication on the development of the Don't Follow the Wind project and its present state amidst the reconstruction efforts going on in the area.

For support for artists and art educators to pursue research in Asia.

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Hojo, Tomoko

to conduct archival research on sound art and experimental music in New York City, with a particular focus on Yoko Ono and the intersection of feminism and sound

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Koyano, Tetsuro

to supplement a 2017 grant supporting exploratory collaboration in Chiang Mai, Thailand

to undertake a collaborative project in Chiangmai, Thailand, in January and February 2019

three-month fellowship to study presentations of Southeast Asian performing arts in the United States and to observe the working process of directors who have strongly influenced by the performing arts of Indonesia

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Lijiang Studio

to support the Lijiang/Hokkaido Reciprocal Residency Program, enabling four artists from China and Japan to explore interdisciplinary artistic practice in two rural settings over two months

four-month grant to enable Achmad Krisgatha from Indonesia to participate in a residency in Yunnan in fall 2006

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Morinaga, Yasuhiro

for a five-month grant to research the relationship between the living environment and sound/music of ethnic minority groups in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, and the Tibet Autonomous Region in China

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