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Koyano, Tetsuro

to supplement a 2017 grant supporting exploratory collaboration in Chiang Mai, Thailand

to undertake a collaborative project in Chiangmai, Thailand, in January and February 2019

three-month fellowship to study presentations of Southeast Asian performing arts in the United States and to observe the working process of directors who have strongly influenced by the performing arts of Indonesia

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Susanne Kerekes

A 4-month fellowship to conduct research on the material culture and social history of the Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, Thailand NB APPROVED CHANGE: a 7-week fellowship The scope remains the same, since there is an important ceremonial ritual that will take place sometime in mid-July for the re-opening of the central architectural tower (the Phra Prang), the focus of the summer research will be on this aspect of the temple, as well as continuing to document and research the preparations of the temple and its role related to the upcoming funerary ritual for the late king.

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Kathy Foley

for a five-week grant to research the impact of the Islamic Revival on traditional puppetry in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia in summer 2016.

support for research on the relationship between religious and performance traditions in Asia in summer 2001

Research on puppetry traditions in Southeast Asia. Applying with Michael Schuster.

to conduct research on performing arts traditions in West Java in summer 1988

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Quang Phan Thanh

a three-week trip to Thailand and the Philippines to research and conduct interviews with the abandoned wives of formerly stationed Japanese soldiers who returned home.

for a six-month grant to observe and participate in contemporary art activities, visit museums and galleries, and meet artists of all disciplines in New York City

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Hasegawa, Yuko

for a two-week journey of research to investigate the contemporary music field in the Philippines, Vietnam, and India.

to participate in the international symposium, Public Art In(ter)vention, to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 16-20, 2005

research trip in Asia for Istanbul Biennale

To conduct research in the United States on contemporary American painting and sculpture

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