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Bridge for the Arts and Education

A music workshop and open forum for artists from Asia coming to Japan to participate in a production of the Mahabharata that will be held as part of the official cultural events for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

A 6-month Organization/Project Grant to support a joint film project around Hiroshi Koike’s Mahabharata Series with participating artists from nine countries across Asia

to support cross-cultural workshops in Jogjakarta for performing artists from Japan and Southeast Asia to create a collaborative interpretation of the Mahabharata

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Mino Arata

To conduct research on the work of Edward Steichen in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art and explore contemporary visual and performing arts in New York City and beyond.

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Shimizu Chatori

To travel to China for research on the Sheng (Chinese bamboo mouth organ) in traditional and contemporary music practice.

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Tanaka Miyuki

To research the intersection of visual and performing arts and design in the context of creating interdisciplinary programs for individuals with disabilities.

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Don't Follow the Wind

A 1-month grant supplement to adapt a disrupted project to enable U.S. and Japanese artists and curators to carry out research in Japan and through online meetings in connection with the English publication Don’t Follow the Wind, examining community and artistic responses to the ongoing crisis in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone

To enable three Americans to undertake research in Japan, in order to lay the groundwork for the first English publication on the the "Don't Follow the Wind" project

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Drifters International

A 1-month Organization/Project Grant to provide support for the Jejak Tabi Exchange virtual platform, designed to share, exchange, and explore critical ideas and practices in contemporary art practice, and to discuss the future of international cultural exchange. Fiscally sponsored by NPO Open Network for Performing Arts Management

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General Non-Profit Incorporated Organization Tokyo Biennale

A 1-year Organization/Project Grant to provide support for the 2020/2021 Tokyo Biennale to enable a series of web-based, multilingual publications to create a context around the event’s participating artists and dialogue related to critique and media practice

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NPO Dance Box

A 1-month Organization/Project Grant to provide support for a virtual program with Water Puppet artists in Vietnam, showcasing this art form to engage with Kobe’s community of Vietnamese immigrants.

To provide for Covid-19 relief

to support the participation of choreographer Darrell Jones in a collaborative residency in Kobe, Japan in May 2017

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Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

To enable curator Aily Nash and Harvard Film Archive Director Haden Guest to curate programs in the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions in February 2020

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Hojo Tomoko

to conduct archival research on sound art and experimental music in New York City, with a particular focus on Yoko Ono and the intersection of feminism and sound

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