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Association for Asian Studies

for "Visualizing and Envisioning Asia: Films, Documentaries and Advocacy in Southeast Asia and South Asia,” a program of film screenings and virtual roundtables that will bring together film and documentary directors, producers, and actors from Asia’s lesser-known regions.

Organization/Project Grant to bring artists and museum curators from Asia to participate in a roundtable discussion on "Decolonizing Southeast Asian Art and Art History" at the Association’s annual conference.

a Project Grant to bring four artists from Asia to the U.S. to participate in a roundtable discussion on arts under military occupation during the 2019 AAS Annual Conference

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William Ward Keeler

six-week fellowship to work with musicologist Philp Yampolsky, to document and record za pwe in Mandalay in June 2005

research and documentation on classical Burmese music. Applying with Rick Heizman.

to document and record classical song repertory in burma in May and June 1996, with the assistance of ethnomusicologist Philip Yampolsky.

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