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Queens Museum of Art

to enable artists from Hong Kong and China to participate in two exhibitions, Bringing the World into the World in June 2014, and Good Deeds and More (working title) in November 2014

support the participation of American artists in the Wall Drawings project in Gwangju, Korea in summer 2005

support for participation for curators Shigeo Chiba from Japan and Wan Kyung Sung from Korea and artists Peili Zhang from China and Neung-Kyung Sung from Korea in the Museum's exhibition

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La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

to support a theater exchange program between La MaMa E.T.C. in New York and the Seoul Institute of the Arts in Korea in 2012.

to enable a theater company from the Philippines, directed by Cecile Guidote Alvarez, to present a music theater piece based on the work of Filipino writer Alejandro Roces at La MaMa in late June 2007

to enable the Great Jones Repertory Company to present its acclaimed production , "Dionysus: Filius Dei" in the Taipei Arts Festival in September 2006

support for participation of puppeteer Jun Tanaka to join La MaMa Umbria's International Symposium for Directors in Spoleto in summer 2005

Support the participation of Dadi D. Pudumjee and the Ishara Puppet Theatre from India in the LaMaMa Puppet Festival in September 2004

to support percussionist Yoshi Sahimada from Japan in the the La MaMa production with Theodora Skipitares that will take place as part of the Ishara International Puppet Festival in New Delhi

to enable puppetry artist Theodora Skipitares and actor/musician Perry Yung to travel to Cambodia to collaborate with artists at the Royal University of Fine Arts to develop a contemporary theater piece

To enable seven performing artists from India to serve as artists-in-residence at La MaMa, participating in workshops and public programs

To undertake research and creative work on rod puppets in India in collaboration with Theodora Skipitares

support for Trojan Women performance in Taipei Arts Festival in early June 1998.

To enable Ellen Stewart and Theodora Skipitares to collaborate with artists and directors at the Vietnam National Theater and at the Central Water Puppet Theater of Hanoi in developing theater workshops and in creating a new theater piece, beginning November 1996.

Enable Hong Kong theater director Frederick Mao to participate in the development of a new theater piece at La MaMa, E.T.C., in June 1994.

Support the participation of dance artists from Asia in the first Asian Contemporary Dance Festival, held at La Mama in June 1993.

to enable artistic director Ellen Stewart to participate in a meeting of the international Theatre Institute's Cultural Identity and Development Committee held in Beijing in December 1991

Survey current theater activities in Japan in November 1984.

To provide general support for international theater activities involving artists and performing arts specialists from Asia.

Enable Ellen Stewart, executive director of La Mama, to attend the 5th Third World Theatre Festival and Colloquy held in Seoul in March 1981.

to provide support to enable the Dong Nang Reperatory Company for the Korean Drama Center, Seoul, to participate in the World Theatre month Celebration held at La Mama in March and April 1977.

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Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

to support five visiting installation artists from India in the participation of a residency program and the exhibition India in the Imaginary at Yerba Buena in San Francisco in fall 2011.

support for the participation of Thai filmmaker Apichatpong Weerasethakul in a residency for two weeks in September 2004

support participation for five artists fom Asia in the exhibition Time after Time: Asia and our Moment, opening in April 2003

curatorial research in visual arts and film/video in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan

participation of Suenobu togi, Shonosuke Okura, and others in the Sun Cycles project

support for Akira Kasai and two collaborators from Japan to participate in a butoh workshop and development project

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Chorus Repertory Theater

to enable performers from the Chorus Repertory Theatre to present Ashibagee Eshei at the 5th International Theatre Olympics in Seoul, Korea, in October 2010

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University of California, Santa Cruz

to enable five American composers to participate in the Pacific Rim Music Festival in Seoul and Busan, Korea, in September 2010

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