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Asian Institutions and Specialists, Research Materials and Equipment Project

to provide for the purchase of books, slides, photographs, research materials, and equipment for donation to universities, scools, museums, institutions and specialists in Asia

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Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress

to provide assistance to the Crosier Fathers, Hastings, Nebraska, to provide staff training, books, documentation, equipment, and exhibition materials for the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress.

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Kota Restoration Project City of Jakarta

to enable Soedarmadji Damais, coordinator for history and culture, Kota Restoration Project, and Gusti A. Warmansjah, director of museum services, Jakarta, to survey restoration projects and administrative procedures at historical sites in the United States, Europe, and Mexico.

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Central Museum Conservation Project

to enable A. S. Bisht, bronze conservator, National Museum, New Delhi, to visit Indonesia to make recommendations regarding the care and restoration of bronzes

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Indonesian Music and Dance

to the Center for Cultural and Technical Interchange between East and West, Honolulu, and the Institute of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles, to enable the following Indonesian music and dance teachers to study musicology, music and dance: Enoch Atmadi, Konservatori Kariwatan, Bandung; I Made Bandem, Akademi Seni Tari, Indonesia, Denpasar; Iim Djunaedi, Konservatori Karawitan, Bandung; Winotokusomo Soedarsono, Akademi Seni Tari, Indonesia, Yogyakarta; R. Wiranto, Konservatori Karawitan, Surakarta.

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Ahn Hwi Joon

to continue to study art history in programs leading to the M.F.A. and Ph.D. degrees at Harvard University, to survey museums in the United States, and to conduct dissertation research at Princeton University and in Hong Kong, India, Japan, the Republic of China, and Thailand.

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