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Yoo, Duk-Hyung

with Janice Yoo, to enable Mr. Yoo to serve as advisor and to direct productions and to enable Ms. Yoo to serve as children's theater consultant for the Philippine Educational Theater Association, Manila

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Metropolitan Museum of Art

to provide support for Behind the Great Wall, an exhibition of photographs of the People's Republic of China, shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, February-August 1972.

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Harvard University Art Museums

to enable Vasant N. Nerikar, Nagpur, India to complete a program of study leading to the Master of Landscape Architecture degree at the Graduate school of Design, Harvard University.

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Enamul Haque

to participate in the Seminar on Preservation and Conservation of Cultural Properties, New Delhi, February 1972, and to survey the effects of the war in Bangladesh on works of art and museums.

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W. Thomas Chase

to survey Asian bronze collections and museum conservation facilities in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, the Republic of China, and Thailand

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Seattle Art Museum

to enable the following curators from Japan to accompany the exhibition Ceramic Art of Japan shown at the Seattle Art Museum; the Nelson Gallery-Atkins Museum, Kansas City; the Asia House Gallery, New York; and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, September 1972-May 1973: Tadaomi Goke, Fine Arts Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, tokyo; Gakuji Hasebe, the tokyo National Museum; Seizo Hayashiya, the tokyo National Museum; Masahiko Kawahara, the Kyoto National Museum.

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Vasant Hari Bedekar

to survey museum collections, training programs, procedures, and exhibition techniques in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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Asian Institutions and Specialists, Research Materials and Equipment Project

to provide for the purchase of books, slides, photographs, research materials, and equipment for donation to universities, scools, museums, institutions and specialists in Asia

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Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress

to provide assistance to the Crosier Fathers, Hastings, Nebraska, to provide staff training, books, documentation, equipment, and exhibition materials for the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress.

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