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Marsha Weidner

to visit wall-painting sites and study appropriate museum collections in China in preparation for an exhibition of later Chinese Buddhist paintings to be presented at the North Carolina Museum of Art

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Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

To enable Chun Xia of the Beijing People's Art Theater, Huaixing Zheng of the Central Opera Theater in Beijing, and interpreter Lili Liang to observe theater activities in New York following a residency at the O'Neill Center in summer 1987.

To support the production in China of The Music Man and The Fantasticks in spring 1987.

Support the participation of lighting designer Ian Calderon, stage designer Ming Cho Lee, director George White, and costume designer Patricia Zipprodt in a production of Anna Christie, presented in Beijing, China, in fall 1984.

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Hong Kong Institute for the Promotion of Chinese Culture

To enable Arthur Prieve, director of the Center for Arts Administration, University of Wisconsin, and Arthur Ballet, literary manager of the American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco, to participate in a conference on arts administration held in Beijing, China, in April 1988.

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