Haruchi Osaki, Yuta Hagiwara and Marin Naruse in New York!

Haruchi Osaki and Yuta Hagiwara, recipients of the 2022 New York Fellowship from ACC  Tokyo, and Marin Naruse, recipient of the 2022 New York Fellowship from ACC NY, traveled to New York for their July fellowship. (The New York Fellowship for 2022 starts in either January or July 2023, depending on the recipient's choice.)
Haruchi Osaki aims to conduct interdisciplinary research on the historical context in the relationship between disability and culture and contemporary inclusive cultural forms, as well as new communication models and environments of post-Covid physical expression and experimental and participatory forms. Yuta Hagiwara explores the relationship between performing arts and democracy and a redefinition of "public" by investigating the kind of reality artists and audiences live with in New York and the meaning of democracy to the people there. Marin Naruse investigates the process of how the ethnic music in New York has been preserved as a new music genre and how it may be applied to the development of Japanese Shimauta. 

Haruchi Osaki
Visual artist. He is involved in the fields of mental and developmental rehabilitation, and psychopathology, while creating artwork and conducting research. Received the Special Prize in Art Award Tokyo 2007 and the Nobuaki Furuya Prize at the 2011 Aichi Society of Architects & Building Engineers Architectural Competition.

Yuta Hagiwara
Stage director. The founder of the theater company "Kamome Machine." Received the Toga Theatre Competition's Excellence Award for "Happy Days (Samuel Beckett)" in 2016.

Marin Naruse
Shimauta and Sanshin performer. She began performing shimauta at an early age and has won numerous minyo (folk song) grant prizes. She was selected as a "Minyo Ambassador" by the Japan Minyo Association in 2021 and 2022.