Yuni Hong Charpe, based in France and Japan, creates performances, videos, and installations around the instability and multiplicity of constructed identities and the persistence of memory. The artist explores various forms of language and attempts to create new contexts and experiences as a result of bringing together personal experiences and archives. During the 2-month fellowship in South Korea, Yuni Hong Charpe will focus on the theme of "violence" and "healing" manifested by individuals living in contemporary society and conduct research on the aspects of violence and hospitality contained in translation and how Japanese and Korean have been mutually translated. Concerning the "colonial violence and healing of its traumas," the artist will also visit Korean thermal baths and power spots to understand how “healing" has been socially and culturally represented in South Korea.


After graduating from Hitotsubashi University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Yuni Hong Charpe moved to France in 2005 and received DNSEP from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris-Cergy in 2015. In 2022, the artist created the performance "Encore" during the residency at the Kinosaki International Arts Center in Japan and as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Kyoto in 2021-2022, and in 2020, conducted a research project as a principal researcher for the "Lecture-Performance and its Translation: Dance and Words about Choi Seung-Hee" at the Kyoto Performing Arts Center. Won the Jury Prize for "Gembi Dokodemo Kikaku Oubo 2017" at Hiroshima MOCA, "Art Award In the Cube 2020" at the MFA Gifu and Grand Prix at the Mulhouse 015, International biennial of young contemporary creation.