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Sheng meets Shō

What sort of magic happens when Sheng meets Shō? Our grantees LI Li-Chin (ACC 2021) and Chatori SHIMIZU (ACC 2021) will guide us as we discover the mysteries of these two ancient instruments that are so similar yet so different!

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Ata Wong’s Journey of Encounters in Kyojima, Japan

Ata WONG (ACC 2021) is a director, choreographer, actor, movement coach and theatre instructor. Wong reviews his ACC grant activities and experiences.

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ACC Alumni Feature: Ai Iwane

Ai Iwane (ACC 2022) is a Japanese photographer who began her career in 1996. Iwane’s ACC Fellowship allowed her to conduct fieldwork and interviews on the Mattole River and its surrounding area in Humboldt County, Northern California, and learn about the regional community culture of salmon and people. In this video, she speaks briefly on her ACC grant experience.

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Michiko Tsuda: "Beyond a Little Awareness"

Michiko Tsuda stayed in the U.S. for six months just before the pandemic began. 
In this interview, she reflects on her time in the U.S., her thoughts on creation and social activities.

Reprinted from ACC Japan Tsushin, Vol.2, September 2021.
Image: Portrait of Michiko Tsuda 
Photo by IIKAWA Takehiro

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ACC Japan Alumni Interview Videos ~Vol.2: Yoji Sakate~

Theater director and playwright Yoji Sakate (ACC1998 Grantee) talked about how his fellowship experiences influenced his later activities and shared his thoughts on the importance of cultural exchange as well as the role of artists in society.

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ACC Japan Alumni Interview Videos ~Vol.1: Makoto Aida and Hiroko Okada~

ACC Japan Foundation is pleased to announce a new series of interview videos featuring ACC Alumni. 

In the first interview, artists Makoto Aida and Hiroko Okada (both ACC1999 Grantee) talked about how their fellowship experiences influenced their later activities and shared their thoughts on working across borders.

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Kota Takeuchi : "What I Got From ACC"

As an ACC grantee, Kota Takeuchi undertook research in the United States for six months in 2017-2018.
In this interview, he reflects on those days and his work.

Reprinted from ACC Japan Tsushin, Vol.1, May 2021.

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inDialogue: Shirotama Hitsujiya, Daisuke Muto, Fumi Yokobori -Dance in the Time of COVID-19: Choreography of Site-

Join ACC Japan's inDialogue on Thursday, October 8th, 6PM (JST) featuring playwright and director Shirotama Hitsujiya (ACC 2000), dance critic Daisuke Muto (ACC 2005) and NPO Dance Box Program Director Fumi Yokobori (ACC 2008)...

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Nobuyuki Sugihara: Researching Taiwan’s Indigenous Culture

Visual artist Nobuyuki Sugihara reflects on his eight-month ACC Fellowship in Taiwan, continuing his research on Taiwanese indigenous culture and festivals…

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Event Archives: ACC Japan Online Talk Series #2 “Contemporary Art in the time of Covid-19 “ - Mizuki Endo × Koki Tanaka × Aya Momose”

Archived video and summary of the talk are available. 

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