Systemic racism is a deep betrayal of our human values. It is a direct attack against our future and those who will inherit it. Violence against people of color cannot be tolerated, especially when perpetrated by the hands of those we entrust with the enforcement of justice.

We write with a heavy heart as we stand in solidarity with our black friends, families, and communities as we grieve for the horrific killing of George Floyd and the countless other lives taken senselessly before him.

We have to do better.

To our colleagues dedicated to creating change in the world around us, we need to look constructively within as we hire, not just for talent and expertise, but for the diversity it takes to strengthen our own organizational cultures.

We must continue to drive dialogue, mutual understanding, and respect in our homes and at the workplace and not be afraid of uncomfortable conversations. Communication, paired with action, is fundamental to long-term and impactful change. When we witness injustice and racism, we must speak up.

To our partners who support artists and cultural professionals, let’s recommit to anti-racism and anti-bias in all the work that we do—let’s reexamine accessibility and privilege in the arts and culture industry, and reinforce representation as we select and invest in our grantees.

To the artists who motivate us to reflect and enable us to enact our core values, we ask you to continue to inspire with new ways to introspect, connect, empathize, and transform our global community.

Let us do more than simply acknowledge our privilege, let’s use it to make change happen.

Black Lives Matter.

Miho Walsh
Executive Director*
Asian Cultural Council


Pictured above: Ambie Abaño (ACC 2011), one midnight in summer, woodcut on paper, 2013

*Miho Walsh transitioned from her role as Executive Director of Asian Cultural Council in October 2020. For an up-to-date listing of our staff, please visit our Staff Page