ACCTF's board member Hsu Pao-Lin gave a congratulatory speech.

Group 33 South gathered in Tainan this April to celebrate their tenth anniversary. The festivities featured a joint performance of Indonesian court dance by ACC grantees Cheng Yin-Chen (Theater,2015) and Anastasia Melati. Traditional Indonesian court dance requires agility and concentration with subtle movements capable of indicating powerful emotions. Ms. Cheng and Ms. Melati demonstrated their exemplary mastery of the balance required between body and soul inherent in this artistic form. After the performance, Ms. Cheng and Ms. Melati shared insights into the philosophy and spirit of traditional Indonesian dance with an enthusiastic audience, encouraging questions and interactions.

Indonesian court dance by ACC grantee Cheng Yin-Chen (Theater,2015) and Anastasia Melati

ACC Taipei’s connection to Indonesian performing arts began in 2006 when Ralph Samuelson met Chou Yih-Chang (Dance,2006,2015) and encouraged him to apply for an ACC fellowship to visit Indonesia. At the time, Mr. Chou was the Director of Gang-a Tsui Theater, and with ACC’s support, he traveled to Indonesia with members of his theater group to learn traditional court dance. As a result of this initial exchange, Mr. Chou wished to bring Indonesian dancers to Taiwan in order to encourage further cross-cultural exchange. From 2007 to 2008, through the introduction of Sal Murgiyanto (Dance,1984-2000), three Indonesian dancers - Siti Sutiyah, Mugiyono Kasido (Dance,2005), and Bambang Besur Suryono - came to Taiwan and led a series of workshops on Indonesian court dance. This is where ACC Taipei’s grantee Cheng Yin-Chen came into initial contact with Indonesian performance art.

In 2016, Ms. Cheng received an ACC fellowship to spend time in Yogyakarta studying Indonesian court dance. Under the introduction of Mr. Sal, Ms. Cheng met Anastasia Melati, who offered Ms. Cheng much support and guidance during her time in Indonesia. As a result of their time together, Ms. Melati was inspired to come to Taiwan where she is currently a doctorate candidate for Dance Theory at the Taipei National University of the Arts.

Group 33 South was delighted and honored to celebrate ten years in Taiwan with these two incredible dancers, who were brought together by the ACC network.

ACCTF's board member Hsu Pao-Lin,  Lin Chen-MeiShen Tsai Hsiu-Cheng, Group 33 Taichung and Group 33 South members.

Cheers from ACCTF's board, Group 33 South members and friends!