For 55 years, ACC has been committed to founder John D. Rockefeller 3rd’s vision of a world made more harmonious through mutual respect and understanding. Our investment in this mission has yielded over $100 million in grants to enable cultural exchange opportunities for individuals in the U.S. and across Asia since 1963.

This October, ACC’s 55th Anniversary Gala in New York kick-started a series of global events in celebration of its work in cross-cultural dialogue and international understanding.

The numerous celebrations in the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan were unique to each locale, yet similar in providing each audience with a totally immersive experience into the work of our diverse family of ACC alumni. In Manila, guests were treated to 18 beautiful portraits created by renowned artist Andres Barrioquinto and a site-specific dance performance at the National Museum of Fine Arts. In Japan, ACC alumni gave heartfelt, live testimonials of their grant experience, and traditional Japanese musicians gave an improvisational performance. In Hong Kong, there was opera, dance, and a benefit auction featuring artwork and cultural experiences by ACC alumni and friends. The celebrations culminated in Taiwan with an evening filled with puppetry, Chinese classical music, and dance.

Together, we celebrated ACC as an organization that connects people and cultures. Many thanks to our committed group of Board members, donors, and friends who travelled to our global festivities and embodied the ACC spirit of person-to-person international connection. Our work could not continue without your continuous encouragement and support.

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