Pintô International and the Asian Cultural Council partnered to present “Pintôkyo,” an exhibition featuring fifty-six contemporary Philippine artists at the Hillside Forum in Tokyo, Japan from June 19 - June 24. The exhibition was organized by Pintô Museum’s Dr. Joven Cuanang, curated by Antonio C. Leano, and included six ACCPF alumni:  Ambie Abaño (2011), Riel Hilario (2012), Anton del Castillo (2006), Nona Garcia (2004), Dexter Fernandez (2014), and Leeroy New (2015, 2016). ACC supporters from the Philippines, Japan, and Taiwan traveled to the opening, demonstrating their commitment to ACC’s mission of advancing international dialogue through cultural exchange.

Pintôkyo is the latest in a series of international exhibitions planned by Pintô International, building on the success of 2017 debut exhibition in New York, Pintô Manhattan Manila, which helped raise funds for ACC’s fellowship program. These exhibitions, said Dr. Cuanang, represent “the diversity of interests of the Filipino artist—both in terms of technique and subject matter.” As an extension of Dr. Cuanang’s vision to expand the international audience for Filipino art, Pintôkyo connected art admirers from diverse fields, countries, and cultures. 

ACC Philippines Trustees, Pintô Art Museum Trustees, Philippines contemporary artists with Philippine Ambassador Jose Laurel V, and Japanese Ambassador Koji Haneda

Yuji Tsutsumi hosted a welcome lunch at International House of Japan. 30 guests included ACC Philippines Board, Pintô Museum Board, ACC Trustees, ACC supporters and special guests from Japan

Below: Pintô hosted a dinner for the artists and ACC board and staff; the artists, ACC board and staff go on a cruise boat dinner