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Nobuyuki Sugihara: Where Life is Valued

I am currently in Taiwan on a 6-month ACC grant to research Taiwan's indigenous culture...While the world has declared a state of emergency, I have been able to continue my research and production in Taiwan...

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Molissa Fenley: An Observer Takes "50 Looks"

"Our eyes are observing more, we have found pieces of art in the woods behind the art department. I imagine that these are works that were started by the graduate students and had to be abandoned as the college shut its doors..."


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Susan Rockefeller: Supporting the Global Arts Community

ACC is proud to announce our newest board member: Susan Rockefeller, award-winning documentary filmmaker, artist, and conservationist.

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Cultural Exchange in the Time of COVID-19

In the midst of this health crisis, it is clear we also face a human crisis. - A message from Miho Walsh, Executive Director

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ACC-Christie’s Panel: Art, Philanthropy, and Cultural Exchange

On March 2, Asian Cultural Council and Christie’s partnered for a special panel discussion on art, philanthropy, and the importance of cultural exchange.

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