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Special Preview of "Felix Starro"

In August 2019, Ma-Yi Theater Company will debut the world premiere of the musical Felix Starro in New York City.

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Susie Ibarra's Himalayan Glacier Soundscapes

Artists worldwide are creating powerful responses to climate change and other man-made environmental disasters.

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ACC Taiwan announces 2019 Taiwan Fellowship recipients

We are delighted to announce that 2019 ACC Taiwan Fellowship have been awarded to 5 individuals and 2 organizations . They are all talented artists or arts professionals currently at the forefront of arts and cultural developments in Taiwan.

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Asian Cultural Council 2019 Grants & Fellowships

The Asian Cultural Council is excited to announce our 2019 grants and fellowships.

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Partnerships in Cultural Exchange in Southeast Asia

It all starts with a belief in the individual and an investment in their potential for meaningful impact.

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2018 Annual Report

ACC is proud to share the stories of our 2018 grantees, alumni community, trustees, and partner foundations.

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Music, Culture, and Community in Kabul

Ethnomusicologist Michael Lindsey received an ACC Fellowship to research the effects of violence on Afghan musical culture.

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Signs of Spring: ACC's New Cohort

Meet our newest fellows and join the party.

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Rewind / Fast-Forward / Press Play

Curator and composer Aki Onda (ACC 2017) brings José Maceda’s work to TPAM 2019.

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