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Ata Wong’s Journey of Encounters in Kyojima, Japan

Ata WONG (ACC 2021) is a director, choreographer, actor, movement coach and theatre instructor. Wong reviews his ACC grant activities and experiences. 

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A Conversation with Gardika Gigih Pradipta

New York Fellowship grantee, Gardika Gigih PRADIPTA (ACC 2022), is a Sragen-based pianist, composer and soundscape researcher interested in the intersection of music, society, and culture. Currently, he is nearing the midway point of his six-month ACC grant period. Reflecting on his first few months in New York, Pradipta recently spoke with ACC to describe his experience thus far. 

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A Conversation with Heidi Lee and Lio Kuokman

ACC sat down with Hong Kong Ballet’s Executive Director Heidi LEE (ACC 2012) and Program Director of the Macao International Music Festival Lio KUOKMAN (ACC multiple grants since 2002) to learn more about how their ACC experiences impacted their careers and perspectives on cultural exchange.

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Dayang Yraola: Sounds and Strings

Dayang Yraola (ACC 2012) relaunched her archiving project Sonic Manila Research during quarantine, following the threads that tie together loose ends of these disconnected times...

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