Dayang Yraola


for a three-month grant support travel and research on contemporary art in Southeast Asia.



Cartographic Memories

2022年02月26日 - 2022年04月09日

ACC alumna Marika Constantino presents Cartographic Memories in collaboration with fellow ACC grantee Dayang Yraola who curated the show. Expounding on her latest exhibition featuring works she created during the start of the pandemic, also the time when she began settling into her new home, studio, community in Roxas City, province of Capiz from Manila, Marika shares, “the series is titled Cartographic Memories, as the process of production served as my way-finder between my past and my future that is intersecting in this uncertain present. The production of the work compelled me to be present in those moments when I felt incapacitated to do anything, unsure of my decisions and missing the people who matter to me. It is also about finding my path and questioning if I am where I should be.”

The exhibit may be viewed online and on-site. Please contact the Pablo Gallery for appointment.