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Waley Art

For a collaborative online program bringing together artists from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong to share research on experimental art practice, internet-based subcultures, and emerging societal issues expressed in the contemporary arts across East Asia.

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Wong Ching Yan Birdy

To observe the latest developments in New York’s theater scene, carry out research on the societal roles of Asian women in the U.S., and explore the experience of Asian artists during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

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Wong Ata Chun Tat

For a creative exploration of Japanese culture to develop an understanding and appreciation for traditional and contemporary art forms in Japan.

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Wong Sau Yin Samuel

To study post-war architecture in the U.S. and understand the historical, social, economic, and urban contexts in which it was created, while meeting with architecture professionals who are pushing the boundaries of architecture.

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