About Us


ACC Taipei was established in 1995. In the same year, ACC Taiwan Foundation (ACCTF) was officially registered in Taiwan as the Asian Cultural Council's partner in developing an international exchange program for Taiwanese artists, scholars, and cultural organization for research or creative work in the United States and countries throughout Asia.

ACC accepts grant applications from individuals and organizations in a variety of fields. Past grantees include internationally recognized visual and performing artists, as well as scholars, art administrators, and more. From household names—like Lin Huai-Min, Liu Kuo-Sung, Yang Mu, Sheu Fang-Yi, and Fu Shen—to emerging young artists, ACCTF has funded more than 300 Taiwanese grantees to date.

our history

In 1963, John D. Rockefeller 3rd established the JDR 3rd Fund's Asian Cultural Program to promote cultural exchange between Asia and the United States through grants to individuals and organizations in the arts. During the initial years of the JDR 3rd Fund, more than 30 Taiwanese artists and scholars received grants. Most were researchers and curators from Taipei's National Palace Museum or pioneers of Taiwan's growing art scene, such as Nieh Hua-Ling (ACC 1964) and Liu Kuo-Sung (ACC 1966). Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Taiwan was crucial geographically to the Fund's grant program as the U.S. and China had yet to establish diplomatic relations. In the 1980s, the number of Taiwan's grantees temporarily decreased—a shift in grant focus, which reflected the re-establishment of U.S.-China relations.

By the 1990s, however, Taiwan was in a period of economic and political stability. As a result, both the arts and philanthropy flourished. Recognizing the potential of Taiwan's developing art scene, the Asian Cultural Council's then director collaborated with entrepreneurs and art enthusiasts to establish the Sino-American Asian Cultural Foundation (SAACF) under the chairmanship of Douglas Hsu in 1995. The SAACF was later renamed the Asian Cultural Council Taiwan Foundation (ACCTF) in 2010. Currently, ACCTF works under the guidance of the ACC New York headquarters, led by director Miho Walsh and chairman Wendy O'Neill. For the past two decades, ACC and ACCTF have collaborated to provide Taiwan's arts and cultural professionals a platform for international exchange through the fellowship program.