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Grantee Feedback

Pei-Shih Tu 2009 Grantee | Vietnam 

As an ACC Grantee, I was able to travel to Ho Chi Minh City and explore many types of traditional puppetry, which have strongly influenced the process and style of my animation. Travel has opened my eyes. ACC Taiwan Grants Program gives current grantees immense freedom and support, while continuing to maintain relationships with former grantees. I feel I've participated in the very best fellowship program. 

Rahic Talif 2000, 2012 Grantee | New York, Shanghai 

After traveling to the United States, I finally realized how big this world is compared to my tribe. Small and remote, it could disappear at any time: this thought woke me up. My role as an artist has been redefined. I now search to express both contemporary and traditional spirit in my work, exploring my own reflections on the past and present. Through creativity, I work to increase awareness towards the current condition and preservation of aboriginal culture.