inDialogue: Leeroy New, Ea Torrado, and JK Anicoche

Join ACC's inDialogue on September 23, 9:00-10:00 AM EDT (9:00-10:00 PM, Philippines) on art as an essential need during crisis and visions of art-making in the post-COVID world...

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Japan Virtual Exchange Program

The Asian Cultural Council is sponsoring a special fellowships and grants program supporting virtual exchange and engagement in the arts between Japan and Asia, and between Japan and the United States. The Japan Virtual Exchange Program is a limited initiative serving projects taking place between December 2020-December 2021. Applications accepted through October 15 JST (October 14 EDT).

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Cultural Exchange in a Virtual World

ACC’s program model traditionally involved getting on a plane and traveling thousands of miles for in-person immersion in another culture. With this model challenged by the pandemic, ACC pivoted—reimagining our methods, yet maintaining our purpose...

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Black Lives Matter

Systemic racism is a deep betrayal of our human values. It is a direct attack against our future and those who will inherit it. Violence against people of color cannot be tolerated...

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Grantee Reflections

Grantee Reflections is a platform for ACC alumni to share their collective voice in a cultural exchange of words, images, videos, and sounds from around the world. While our bodies cannot travel, our minds and hearts can still meet.

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Asian Cultural Council

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities in Asia and the United States to create a more harmonious and peaceful world. This mission is accomplished through fellowships and other programs that support individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals.

ACC Programs

The Asian Cultural Council connects artists, humanities scholars, and arts professionals across Asia and the U.S. Through fellowships, grants, achievement awards, public programs, alumni engagement, and other cultural exchange initiatives, ACC aims to build global arts communities whose individual and collective work serves to advance international understanding and respect.
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