Ushio Shinohara

ACC 1969 | Japan | Visual Art | Fellowship to pursue art activities and observe contemporary art developments in the United States.

Cho Mi Young

ACC 2014 | Korea | Visual Art | Fellowship to observe contemporary art and meet artists in New York.

Ronnarong Khampha

ACC 2012 | Thailand | Dance | Fellowship to participate in the 2013 International Choreographers Residency Program at the American Dance Festival.

Wu Chi-Tsung

ACC 2013 | Taiwan | Visual Art | Fellowship to observe contemporary art and meet artists in a range of disciplines in New York.

Tian Man Sha

ACC 2004年グランティ(助成受給者) | China | Dance | Fellowship to visit theater companies, attend performances, and meet with drama professionals in the United States

Keiko Fukazawa

ACC 2015 | United States | Visual Art | Fellowship to enable participation in a two-month residency at The Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China.

Neil Rolnick

ACC 1994, 2007 | United States | Music | Fellowship to develop a multi-disciplinary performance with artists in China and for a teaching residency at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (2007), and a 1994 fellowship to survey music, media, and technology in Japan.

Chankethya Chey

ACC 2009-2013 | Cambodia | Dance | Fellowship to pursue a M.F.A. degree in dance from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Afghanistan National Institute of Music

ACC 2013 | Afghanistan | Music | Grant to support performances in Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Asian Cultural Council

The Asian Cultural Council advances international dialogue, understanding, and respect through cultural exchange activities in Asia and the United States to create a more harmonious and peaceful world. This mission is accomplished through fellowships and other programs that support individual artists, scholars, and arts professionals.

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The Asian Cultural Council connects artists, humanities scholars, and arts professionals across Asia and the U.S. Through fellowships, grants, achievement awards, public programs, alumni engagement, and other cultural exchange initiatives, ACC aims to build global arts communities whose individual and collective work serves to advance international understanding and respect.
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