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Amrita Performing Arts

to support creative workshops given by two American artists from the Streb Company to Cambodian artists in Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Siem Reap, and to provide an immersive cultural experience for the Streb artists during their two-week residency in Cambodia.

for a grant to support dance specialists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea to provide critical feedback for contemporary dance artists in Cambodia

to enable dancers from Cambodia to participate in festivals and conferences in Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangladesh in 2013

To provide support for travel and per diem expenses for participants in connection with a planned 2009 workshop hosted by Amrita in collaboration with the World Dance Alliance.

For the Cambodian Artists Mentorship Program at RUFA.

For management of the Cambodian Artists Mentorship Program at RUFA for nine months (June 2007- February 2008)

support Amrita's programs with visiting artists and specialists in Asia and the United States in 2007

support the participation of artists from Cambodia in the Bassac/Peking Opera Exchange Project workshop in the Philippines in February-March 2006

to support AMRITA's coordination and administration of the Bassac/Peking Exchange Project workshop held in the Philippines in February-March 2006

Support for Amrita's administrative and organizational expenses for Phase I and Phase II of the Bassac/Peking Opera Exchange Project in 2005

to support Amrita's management of international programs in Cambodia in 2004

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to support STREB company members Cassandre Joseph and Fabio A. Tavares da Silva to carry out creative workshops with movement artists in Cambodia during the last two weeks of January 2015

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New Museum of Contemporary Art

to support the participation of artists from the Philippines and South Korea in the 2015 Generational Triennial

to support four New Museum curators to conduct curatorial research in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India in 2010

For support of Asian artists and scholars participating in new a education and curatorial initiative, Museum as Hub

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World Monuments Fund

to support the participation of specialists from the U.S. and Asia in an International Summit on Sustainable Heritage Policy in Yangon, Myanmar, in January 2015

to enable specialists from the Palace Museum in Beijing to visit conservation programs and meet with museum professionals in the United States in fall 2009

support participation of five conservation specialists from the China in an observation tour to American museums and art conservation facilities

support to bring Americans to and Asians to meeting at CKS in January 01

to enable architecture specialist, Lek Sareth, from Cambodia to study in a one-year program at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in 1996.

Support the World Momuments Fund's conservation activities at Preah Khan in Angor, Cambodia.

to support participation by Cambodian conservation specialists Ouk Chea, director, Department of Museums and the Conservation of Historic Monuments, Cambodia, and Pich Keo, director of the National Museum, Phnom Penh, in the conference "Cambodia: Future of the Past," held at the Asia Society in June 1992

Support field research at Angkor in connectin with a project to analyze present site conditions and make recommendations for future projects in Cambodia.

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Ung Chinary

JDR 3rd Award recipient for his significant contribution to the international understanding, practice, or study of the visual or performing arts of Asia

(Chinary & Susan Ung) for a two-month grant to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a Composers Institute in Cambodia for the purpose of training the next generation of Cambodian composers

(Susan & Chinary Ung) to work with the Royal University of Fine Arts and the Royal Academy of Cambodia to enhance and strengthen the teaching of Western music in Cambodia

to participate in the special memorial program, A Celebration of the Life of Porter A. McCray, at the Japan Society in New York in February 2001

to study music in a program leading to the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at the School of the Arts, Columbia University

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