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Amrita Performing Arts

to support creative workshops given by two American artists from the Streb Company to Cambodian artists in Phnom Penh, Battambang, and Siem Reap, and to provide an immersive cultural experience for the Streb artists during their two-week residency in Cambodia.

for a grant to support dance specialists from Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea to provide critical feedback for contemporary dance artists in Cambodia

to enable dancers from Cambodia to participate in festivals and conferences in Malaysia, Singapore, and Bangladesh in 2013

For $10,000 to provide support for travel and per diem expenses for participants in connection with a workshop that Amrita is planning to host in 2009 in collaboration with the World Dance Alliance.

For the disbursement of $6,000 for the Cambodian Artists Mentorship Program at RUFA.

Disbursement of $6,00 to Amrita for management of Cambodian Artists Mentorship Program at RUFA for nine months (June 2007- February 2008)

support Amrita's programs with visiting artists and specialists in Asia and the United States in 2007

support the participation of artists from Cambodia in the Bassac/Peking Opera Exchange Project workshop in the Philippines in February-March 2006

to support AMRITA's coordination and administration of the Bassac/Peking Exchange Project workshop held in the Philippines in February-March 2006

Support for Amrita's administrative and organizational expenses for Phase I and Phase II of the Bassac/Peking Opera Exchange Project in 2005

to support Amrita's management of international programs in Cambodia in 2004

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Asian Composers League

to support the participation of musicians from Asia in the Asian Composers League Festival and Conference, to take place in the Philippines in November 2015

Support the participation of four music specialists from the US in the 18th ACL festival to be held in Manila in January 1997. (Specialist are: Michael Tenzer, Chou Wen-chung, Bruno Nettl and Burton and Priscilla McLean)

to enable Robert Ashley, composer and director of the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, to participate in the Fifth Annual Conference/Festival of Asian Composers' League, held in Bangkok, March 1978.

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Quang Phan Thanh

a three-week trip to Thailand and the Philippines to research and conduct interviews with the abandoned wives of formerly stationed Japanese soldiers who returned home.

for a six-month grant to observe and participate in contemporary art activities, visit museums and galleries, and meet artists of all disciplines in New York City

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Ongoing Association

to support curator Nozomu Ogawa and six artists from Japan to carry out research and participate in collaborative events at 98B Art Collaboratory in Manila, Philippines, for one month in December 2014

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The House Foundation for the Arts, Inc.

to support the participation of Allison Easter in a remounting of Meredith Monk's work, A Celebration Service, at the University of the Philippines, Dilman campus, in Manila in January 2015.

to enable American performance artist Meredith Monk to travel to Singapore to participate in Theatrework's Flying Circus Project in December 2000

to support workshops and other public programs presented by choreographer and vocalist Meredith Monk in connection with her solo performance tour in Hong Kong and Taipei in February 1997

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Cultural Center of the Philippines

to support musical theater workshops by New York−based specialists in vocal and physical technique, music composition, choreography, and design for artists in the Philippines

support the Bassac/Peking Opera Training Project, to be undertaken at the National Arts Center of the Philippines from February 12 to March 4, 2006

support for Bassac/Peking Opera Training Project, to be undertaken at the National Arts Center of the Philippines from February 12 - March 4, 2006

support for the Bassac/Peking Opera Training Project, to be undertaken at the National Arts Center of the Philippines from February 12 - March 4, 2006

support to enable director Loy Arcenas to mount a local production of The Romance of Magno Rubio in Manila in August 2004

To enable Denisa Reyes to undertake dance research in Southeast Asia in summer 1995.

to enable Pauline Koner, dancer and choreographer, New York, to serve as a visiting teacher, choreographer and consultant, assisted by by Evelyn Shepard, dance student, North Caolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem.

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Hasegawa, Yuko

for a two-week journey of research to investigate the contemporary music field in the Philippines, Vietnam, and India.

to participate in the international symposium, Public Art In(ter)vention, to be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 16-20, 2005

research trip in Asia for Istanbul Biennale

To conduct research in the United States on contemporary American painting and sculpture

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Attack Theatre

to enable three key artistic members of the Attack Theatre company to travel in summer 2011 and engage in cross-cultural performance collaborations with the Talaandig Tribe in Bukidnon, Philippines.

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Lark Theatre Company

to enable eight members of the artistic consortium of the Lark Theatre's Launching New Plays Initiative to travel to the Philippines in July to stage a bilingual production of American Hwangap at the Cultural Center of the Philippines

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