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Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art

To provide support for the establishment of the Bhirasri Institute of Modern Art and to enable Pira P. Piradej to survey museum and cultural center operations and to observe contemporary art developments in the United States, India, Canada, and Europe

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Shun Etoh

To attend the Seventh General Conference of the International Council of Museums held in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York, September-October 1965, and to survey museum collections and procedures in twenty-seven cities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico

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International Design Conference

To enable the following Japanese architects and designers to attend the International Design Conference, Aspen, Colorado, June 1965, and thereafter to survey art institutions and architecture in the the United States: Naibu Akashi, Kiyoshi Awazu, Shinya Izumi, Koji Kamiya, Yasubumi Kijima, Yutaka Matsushita, Tsune Sesoko, Kazunobu Shimura, Takeko Suzuki, and Hiroshi Tomura

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