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Museum of Modern Art

To provide support for the exhibition The New Japanese Painting and Sculpture, organized in collaboration with the San Francisco Museum of Art and shown in eight cities in the United States, April 1965-May 1967

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University of Washington

To enable the following architecture students from the United States to participate in a seminar in Japan on environmental design, summer 1965, under the direction of Eiji Itoh, research associate, University of Tokyo, and Philip Thiel, associate professor, College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Washington: Thomas Bender, Christopher Chadbourne, Eric Doepke, Ann Esch, Ronald Fleming, Thomas Moran, Roger Pool, James Stanek, Edward Tower

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American Committee for South Asian Art

To the University of Chicago to provide support for meeting of the American Committee for South Asian Art concerning the establishment of the American Academy of Benares, August 1965

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Cecile Guidote Alvarez

To study theater in a program leading to the M.A. degree at the Dallas Theater Center, to observe folk theater in Mexico, and to observe theater activities in New York and Europe

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National Guild of Community Music Schools, Illinois

To enable the following American musicians to serve as teaching fellows with the Manila Symphony Orchestra, the Philippines: Gary T. Hickling, Edward A. Laut, Wilbur L. Moreland, Robert Stewart, Donald Thompson, Billy E. Watt, C. G. Wilson, Thomas Woodhams

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T. R. Gairola

To attend meetings at the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property, Rome, April 1965 and March 1966

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